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In the middle of the night

the light known as "you" finds me.

☆ Samantha
1 August
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( mayonaka ni )
Samantha. 22, professional mischief-maker, doctoral psychology student, Japanese tutor for funsies. A blood type, but acts more like AB. Proud Leo and Dragon. ENFP (heavy on the P), Enneagram Type 8, Chaotic Neutral. Slytherin/Gryffindor girl. Violently optimistic. Singer, traveler, writer, rambler, listener. Fascinated with foreign countries. Likes meeting people. Does not take herself (or life) seriously. Has a persistent case of the sillies. Loves Japanese idols, particularly AKB48, Perfume, Morning Musume. Other musical favorites include Utada Hikaru, Berryz Koubou, C-ute, SweetS, KAT-TUN, BIGBANG, the Whitlams, the Kings of Convenience, t.A.T.u., and Nelly Furtado. Can't get enough of 24, Bones, House, America's Next Top Model, and What Not to Wear. Harry Potter and Final Fantasy are always favorites (Half-Blood Price, Final Fantasy X = absolute favorites). Fan of Lolita fashion. Collects Stitch and Rilakkuma goods. Adores lions, dogs, and ostriches. Has an adorable, spoiled corgi/terrier mix named Mochi. Is a sucker for anything cute, frilly, and girly. Loves fashion, shopping, and amassing shoes and accessories. Sensitive nose means perfume-a-holic. Still a newbie baker, but loves to make sweet treats. Studied abroad in Finland and Japan (and misses both places terribly). Graduate student living in sunny southern California. Completely charmed with life.
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